Monday, December 6, 2010

Creative C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S: R: gaRland & Ribbon

I have wanted to make a garland to decorate my home for a while now, and what better time to decorate than the holiday season! Today's challenge for letter "R" is to make a g-AR-land to deck the halls of your home. And of course, what's a garland without some RIBBON, so be sure to tie one (or two!) on (it is the holidays after all!)

Here's a look at the one I made to hang in the empty space above our mantel:


And here's a little how-to on creating the paper baubles:
You can use more or less, but 7 seemed like a lucky little number 

 Easy enough; nothing special here.

Adhere all those mini paper tacos together being sure the folded edges are flush.

 Isn't that so pretty?!  Leaving the last edge unglued makes it easy to sandwich the thread in the center without actually having to thread it.
Then gather up all the supplies you want to include in your garland (and then some).  
I ended up not using the little snowflakes, and added in some crystal beads.
The letters to spell "Merry Christmas" were done up easily on the computer then layered on a circle, scallop circle, and jumbo snowflake punched from a grocery bag.
I used some thin twine for the base and began by threading all the crystal beads on.  Then it was easy enough to adhere the snowflake letters and paper baubles in place, and tie on some ribbon scraps. 

All projects are due at noon on December 22nd to be eligible for prizes.