Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho Ho Ho....It's Monday!

I hope you all are ready for the Big Day!
Check out this amazing LO Lee did from the Acrylic Class Kit in Scrapbook Heaven.
She definitely took her kit and made it her own. LOVE it Lee!
Great job.

The nice thing about kits are, you have everything you need for pages but no rules.
You can make anything you want. I just love that.
Plus you get a touch of the latest and greatest without having to
hunt around or buy the whole shebang.

Scrapbook Heaven is getting ready to have a BIG store wide sale!
So be sure to pass the word on to your friends.
Don't forget the Contest/challenge on the post below.
Merry Christmas, and thank you for stopping by!


createalways said...

I love sales!! And I already know what I'm goin these acrylic pages!!! Thanks Pinky your classes ROCK my world!!

Jennifer said...

What a great LO, Lee!

lizzie said...

geez lee... do you ever make anything that isn't gorgeous?? hahahaha

Carla said...

You did an awesome job with this project!! Looks fabulous!

jonaks said...

oh Lee, this is a beautiful acrylic page!