Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet the Design Team-Michelle Price

Who is Michelle P (michprice)?
First and foremost I'm a mother of 2 children-one boy (age 6)-one girl (age 8). I work from home for a charter airplane company scheduling flights and giving price quotes. And of course-I'm an obsessive papercrafter. I blog at Simply Price.

Tell us about your early beginnings in scrapbooking?
I was introduced to card making by my future sis-in law when I was 20 and thought 'Boy-what an old lady thing to do" I humored her and tried it and have been going steady ever since.

Why do you scrapbook?I love to document the little things about our lives that will so soon be forgotten. It makes me happy when my kids look through my albums and read and laugh about things they've done in the past.

What inspires you/motivates you to create?
I could say my children inspire me, but really it's the gorgeous scrap supplies that I keep buying. I also love the creative aspect of scrapbooking.

Who are your scrapbooking idols?
I love the work of Elizabeth Kartchner and Maggie Holmes.

Tell us a little-known fact about yourself.I'm 6 feet tall and I wore ballet shoes to my wedding so I wouldn't be taller than my 6'1 husband. I've only ever owned 1 pair of high heels in my life and that was when I was dating a guy who was 6'7 and nothing I could do made me taller than him. Clearly I have issues with my height :)

What kind of music do you enjoy?
My husband makes fun of me because music is so not my thing. I have no clue about the current popular songs or bands or anything. I like Taylor Swift and John Mayer and my old Boys II Men CDs.

How do you find time to scrapbook?
I'm a night owl.

What's the hardest thing for you to scrapbook?
I have a hard time scrapping holidays and birthdays because I always have a million photos from one event.

What's your go-to embellishment?
It changes frequently-right now it's doilies and hemp twine.

What is your favorite color for scrapbooking? Which color do you rarely use?I'm loving kraft paper right now. I keep buying it and yet I'm always out! I like white and brown too. I rarely use purple but that could change anytime I find a beautiful purple patterned paper.

What made you happy today?
Eating strawberry shortcake on the back porch with my family and then watching my kids try and outdo each other with trampoline tricks.


Karen L said...

How fun to learn more about you Michelle! So glad you joined the Heaven DT and are contributing so many fabulous ideas! I also love doilies and kraft right yay!

Life Made Creations said...

You are 6 FEET TALL?? I had no idea--so funny that I pictured you to be short!