Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet the SH Design Team - Vero The Sahm

Who is Vero The Sahm ?My name is Vero and I come from France. I am married with Georges, our daughter Aurélie is near 23 y.o and Anthony our son is near 20 y.o. We don’t have any pet yet, and we love travelling with our camping-van.

Tell us about your early beginnings in scrapbooking ?
In 2005 I heard about Scrapbooking through my penpals from USA. I discovered that there were some scrapbookers too in France... I became addicted very quickly.

Why do you scrapbook ?
My other passion is the photography, it's perfect to combine these two passions to keep all my memories in a artistic case where my emotion, my feelings can be expressed.

What inspires you/motivates you to create ?
First a picture ! it can be one of my photos, or a picture in a magazin.. Then a sketch, I love sketches...

Who are your scrapbooking idols ?
I don’t have any in fact. Maybe I had some years ago but there are now so many talented scrapbookers I follow via the blogs regularly, that I don’t have idols. In every scrapbooker there is an artist I admire.

Tell us a little-known fact about yourself.
I love penpalling...since I was 13 y.o... I had a lot of penpals, met many of them during my travels or when they came in France... alas now I don’t have anymore time, but kept some great friends.

What kind of music do you enjoy ?
I love pop-country music

How do you find time to scrapbook ?
I’d love to find more and more time... I manage between my half-time job and my homework. The best for me is to get two hours in a day ! That’s great !

What's the hardest thing for you to scrapbook ?
To create a journaling on my layout... that’s why I love sentences or words we can find on stamps lol !!

What's your go-to embellishment ?
Surely flowers, in any size and any material ! I like to create them myself too....

What is your favorite color for scrapbooking ? Which color do you rarely use ? 

I don’t have really favorite colors, but I like scrapping fall colors (orange, brown, yellow and so on …). and I can’t scrap purple !! I don’t know why !

What made you happy today ?
I could scrap with the Petite kit of May  ! Yeah !! I’ve been sick and I am relieved to scrap again... and this kit is awesome as habit !! lol !!


Karen L said...

Loved getting to know more about you Vero!! I also had pen-pals at one time, and in fact had quite a few when I was in my teens! Many of them were international and it was so much fun to learn about different cultures in a personal way.

Life Made Creations said...

So happy to have you on the Team, Vero. Can't wait to go on our summer vaca so I can send you a postcard from New England!