Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Tips and Techniques!!

Heres a great way to use up some wire and add some pop to your lettering. Here's how to do it!! - Technique provided by Heidi!

You will need: a heavy gauge wire, a marker, glossy accents,
letters of choice and needle nose pliers.

1. Take your wire and wrap it around a marker. You want the wire circle to be big enough to
contain your letters. So if you want a larger ring, use a larger marker.

2. Carefully remove your wire from the marker so that it is all in a grouping. Slide this bunch of rings into the pliers and cut as one unit.

3. You should end up with a bunch of small rings. Don't handle these too much, but you may have to straighten them to get them to lay flat.

4. Next arrange your letters and wire together on cardstock and fill in with glossy accents.

5. When your letters are dry, cut them out.
They are ready to use on your next scrappy project.