Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jules' Challenges

As I type this my hubby has the Military Channel on and is watching some show about WWII! About the bomb on Hiroshima....very is in his blood! It is in our family's blood! We love those who served or who are currently serving!

Remembrance Day for our Canadian friends and Veterans Day for us in the US is all about that! HONORING those who served!

Here is the sketch I came up with:


And the layout is one honoring Vince's father during his 'piping over' ceremony. (Retirement) He served 20 years on submarines!


I decided to keep the pictures original...I thought of scanning and reprinting but I decided I wanted the full feel for this layout!

Now...a little challenge....I love black and white my challenge will be simple for you...use at LEAST one black and white picture on your layout! IF you can't come up with a black and white picture THEN you can use a color one but you can ONLY USE black and white pp!!! Your and white picture, or black and white paper!

One of my favorite holidays of the year is Thanksgiving! A time to GIVE THANKS and a time to be with family....two of the best things we can do! Count our blessings and be with those blessings!

Here is the sketch I came up with:


And here is the layout....a pic of my wonderful hubby several years ago cutting the bird!


Now...for a little added challenge I think this being a holiday with lots of food that we should have a RECIPE challenge with it! is what you need to add:

At least 3 different pp's
And some STRING! (no ribbon here...find some thinner string like you'd tie the bird up with!)

Have fun!

Layouts due Oct. 22nd at 9:00 PM est, with a winner announced on our LIVE show on Oct. 24th. Please make sure your project is linked here! REMEMBER! You can get a second entry for the prize drawing by using the same theme that I used.